Monday, February 29, 2016

Story Seed - Poorly Laid Plans

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I got inspired by the Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter that started today, specifically by the Predation setting, and decided to write this. Dunno how close I hit (or miss) the mark, but ... I find the idea of a trio of intelligent utahraptors named after the Three Musketeers humorous at least.


When it comes to questionable decisions that will come back to haunt us, I will certainly not be surprised in the least if any of our actions here do. - excerpt from Dr. Entwhistle's journal


"Is this anything other than a bad idea?"

Miller nodded, "Sure, it's also really stupid."

Mandy laughed, "Valid, but we need that power core, so I think a stupidly bad idea is probably what we're stuck with." Miller nodded and checked the encampment again through his binocs. "Four sentries ... three anklos, and a t'rex right?"

"Yup." Miller sounded resigned, like the lopsided odds were just a thing, and not a thing they could change. He was right, of course. "This is one stupid bad idea, even if Trixie can take out their t'rex we don't have anything that can hurt an anklo, let alone three."

Mandy sighed, "That's why we won't even try. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis can easily outmaneuver the anklos, get in, get the power core, and get out. They're the best part of this stupidly bad idea." Behind her a trio of chittering hisses voiced their agreement. "And they know it, don't you boys? Yes, you do."

Miller laughed as the t'rex snorted loudly, silencing the three u-raptors. "I agree with Trixie, the Musketeers still have their work cut out for them." He sighed, "But, stupidly bad idea or not, we need that power core. OK. Everybody get into position, Trixie starts this show."