Friday, March 4, 2016

Shadow of the Sea Lord - Interesting Things in Freeport

I was asked early on as I built my pre-gens for this game why I didn't give them the extra Interesting Things and money that the book suggests for characters starting after level 0. The money issue is because I will eventually re-equip the characters to fit the setting and the adventure and I don't see value in holding myself to a semi-arbitrary cash allotment. The Interesting things was an issue of wanting to create my own list just for Freeport. So here are 20 new Interesting Things for use with Freeport.
  1. A map of A'val and the surrounding islands, with notations in a strange unknown language.
  2. A tiny idol jade of the serpent god Yig.
  3. A strangely shaped key that can lock (but not unlock) any lock.
  4. An used up hand of glory.
  5. A collapsible spyglass that only functions if the user is standing on a ship.
  6. A palm sized box in the shape of a treasure chest that is twice as big on the inside.
  7. A tiny vial filled with a lick of flame from the Great Green Fire.
  8. A simple wooden mug that makes any beverage taste better.
  9. A power bag that never runs empty.
  10. A length (2 ft) of scaly green leather.
  11. A defaced and inactive yellow sign.
  12. A map of Freeport from 50 years ago.
  13. A writ for a crate of cargo, but the warehouse and contents are unreadable.
  14. An amulet in the shape of a leering skull that laughs when you kill something.
  15. A collection of splinters from every ship you have ever sailed on.
  16. A belaying pin made from dark black metal, that weights as much as balsam wood.
  17. A tricorn hat that never seems to fit right.
  18. An eyepatch that restores sight to the blind eye behind it.
  19. A large jewel that glows brightly under moonlight.
  20. A sealed glass ampule of an unknown alchemical substance that looks like tar.