Monday, February 15, 2016

Story Seed - Trapped

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I pulled myself out of the water, clothes clinging to me, dilute blood streaming from a cut on my arm. Blinking the water from my eyes I looked around. I'd been lucky to have fallen into the deeper end of the collecting pool. A cut on my arm would not have been all I'd have gained from a fall elsewhere.

I could hear little above the sound of the falling waters; they echoed and bounced around within this place creating a steady din that drown out everything else. I slogged my way to the shallowest spot I could find, a small rocky outcropping that just broke the surface of the pool, and climbed onto that. I craned my head up, the outcropping I had been standing on was gone, the entire thing had fallen and took me along with it. Worse still I could see my pack just sitting there placidly, waiting for me to return to it. The bluff had broken off the grotto's wall just in front of it.

I sighed. I was trapped in here with nothing I would need to get myself out. I surveyed the grotto again. Water kept rushing in from above. I smiled, if the water kept rushing in, this place had to have an outlet, otherwise it would have filled up and flowed over. With a little luck I could go out with the water.