Friday, February 19, 2016

Shadow of the Sea Lord - Pregen #5 - Dettah Isan

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Dettah Isan
Level: 3 / Warrior / Swashbuckler


Once upon a time the woman now known as Dettah Isan, was the eldest daughter of a well to minor noble house on the continent. Dettah received an education, and understanding of proper etiquette and the rudiments of entertaining with dulcimer and drum. Though she was somewhat of a tall, gangly, and homely child Dettah would have likely found herself a husband in a similarly minor noble house. Her prospects changed when a rival of her father's engineered the destruction of his assets, the ruin of his reputation, and eventually his death.

Dettah and her mother fled, but without title or fortune they soon found themselves living on the streets, her mother forced to trade flesh for coin to feed them. Dettah learned to fight during her time as an exile, leveraging her tall and reedy form to her advantage. In time she escaped by plying her skill with stave and blade to the employ of merchants and nobles as a soldier. In time she found herself in Freeport in the employ of a ever rotating queue of merchants who prefer to employ bodyguards with finesse and style over raw brutish force.

Dettah is idealistic, but the harsh lessons of life have etched a sarcastic streak into her marrow. She helps those who need it as the opportunity provides but always her loyalty is first to herself and those she deems friends. Dettah is searching for something more, though what that is she has not yet determined.

Race: Human
Age: 28 yrs
Sex: Female

Strength: 12
  • Health: 26
  • Healing Rate: 6
Agility: 13
  • Defense: 14
Intellect: 10
  • Perception: 10
Willpower: 10
  • Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0
Size: 1 (tall w/average build)
Speed: 12
Power: 0

Languages: Common (literate),
Backgrounds: Etiquette & customs, Soldier, Exile, Musician (pick one)

Interesting Thing: A collapsible pole, 3 yards long.

Race & Class Abilities
  • Catch Your Breath You can use an action or a triggered action on your turn to heal damage equal to your healing rate. Once you use this talent, you cannot use it again until after you complete a rest.
  • Weapon Training When attacking with a weapon, you make the attack roll with 1 boon.
  • Combat Prowess Your attacks with weapons deal 1d6 extra damage.
  • Forceful Strike When the total of your attack roll is 20 or higher and exceeds the target number by at least 5, the attack deals 1d6 extra damage.
  • Charisma In social situations, you make Intellect and Will attack rolls with 1 boon.
  • Combat Feint You can use a triggered action on your turn to feint against one creature that can see you and is within short range. Until the end of the round, you make attack rolls with swift weapons against that creature with 1 boon, and the creature makes attack rolls against you with 1 bane.
  • Nimble Defense While you are not wearing medium or heavy armor, you have a +1 bonus to Defense.
Wealth: Comfortable
Equipment: a dagger, a staff , fine clothing, a backpack, a cloak, a week of rations, a waterskin, a coil of rope, a tinderbox, 2 torches, a healing potion, and a pouch containing 10cp. You also have a small shield; an incantation of Minor Health (pg 133)