Monday, June 6, 2016

Story Seed - Ring

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Zalaz turned the odd ring over in her hands, the wizard's withered finger tips brushing over the inscribed runes. "I've not seen an item the likes of this in many a year."

Willis grinned and capered, "Is it magic? Is it valuable?" The halfling had cut the ring from the finger of the Warlord of Nebaar, an action which had apparently proven vital during their defeat of the Nebaaran horde.

"Oh yes, certainly," Zalaz replied absently, still studying the ring intently.

"We should sell it," Kromark interjected. The barbarian had taken an instant dislike to the ring.

"It's my ring!" Willis had produced a pair of short daggers from somewhere and was looking rather pointedly at the elf, "My ring, and my decision to keep it or sell it. Do you hear me up there Kromark? Or is the air too thin?"

Stinging gubbeez suddenly surrounded both of them, heading off the impending argument. Zalaz rolled her eyes and dismissed the simple summons as quickly as it had coalesced. "Quiet please gentlemen or ... else." The halfling and elf subsided, both with sullen expressions on their face. Muffled laughter came from under the hat and cloak in the corner where Jendu had been dozing. "That includes you girl, I'll not tolerate your barbs and quips right now."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Jendu replied curtly, amusement tinging her voice.

Zalaz returned to the study of the ring, studying the carefully laid magics carved into the bone ring as well as the living aura that surrounded the item. Some time later the old dwarf looked up from the ring and tossed it to Willis, "It's magic is dying. Perhaps a half dozen uses remain. In this instance you would do well to heed Kromark's advice and sell it before it fails completely and becomes so much worthless bone."

"But ... awww" Willis complained while Kromark grinned in triumph.