Monday, January 30, 2017

Story Seed - Overland Travel

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I leaned over the rail and watched the world go by. The famous two levels of Lake Yibba. The waters of the upper basin spilling over and down into the lower lake. I could hear the thunderous sounds of the falls below as a soft rumble under the louder sounds of the ship. The creak of the wood and snap of the sails along with the sounds of the crew going about their own business.

I blew into my hands to warm them; the air up here was cool and crisp. I turned from the vista and located the captain. Shen was standing alone atop the aftcastle, hands clasped behind her back staring off into the distance. I shoved my hands into my pockets and slowly made my way aft. I must have looked drunken as I made may way to see the captain. I hand no legs for air travel and the swaying of the ship caused me to stumbled to and fro.

Swallowing bile I finally managed to grab rail beside the captain, envying her steady as stone stance without any kind of handhold. "Good day to you Captain," I offered as cheerily as I could manage.

"Mister Barrow," she replied. After a moment she turned her head toward me slightly, watching me from the corner of her gaze while maintaining a commanding gaze over the remainder of her ship. "How may I help you today?"

"Just curious when you expect we'll dock at Landsfall Port?" I was anxious to put something solid and unmoving under my feet. More, I was anxious to take the rune tome I'd recovered to the Aetherist's Guild for study.

"Soon enough. Well before sundown." She considered for a moment, perhaps seeing the consternation on my face, "Fret not. The Dart will be moored no later than third bell after midday Mister Barrow."

"Thank you Captain. I merely yearn for the Spires of Diamond once more," I lied.

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