Thursday, May 24, 2018

MCC Recap - On the Trail of Tibbar

Last week I ran the another session of my monthly(ish) MCC game. While I do hope and intend to continue with the published MCC adventures I also really wanted to try something new. Having experienced my first hex crawl with James Walls' Purple Planet game I was all over a MCC style hex crawl! So I made some quick hex crawl rules and a table of weird crap to maybe find that I hoped would be general enough for long term use and then waited for game day!

Meet the Seekers:
  • Thorn the Plantient (level 1)
    • Played by Craig McCullough
  • Sinclair the Mutant (Chitinous armor) (level 2)
    • Played by Andrew Lyon
  • Agutter the Healer (level 2)
    • Played by Paul Go  
  • Cypher, Shaman of ACHROMA (level 2)
    • Played by James Walls 
  • Tully the Mutant (Pyrokinesis) (level 1)
    • Played by William Keller
  • And Introducing Jon Hook as:
    • Brutis the Gorilla Manimal (ZERO)
    • Riki the Wolf Manimal (ZERO)
    • Bo Goodboy the Yorkie Manimal (ZERO)
    • Weelton Littleprick the Cactus Plantient (ZERO)
Welcome to the Jungle Hex Crawl

As experiments in hex-crawling go this worked out pretty well I think. I'm trying to keep good notes on the stuff the PCs bring back home, and then come up with ideas how it can impact their home lover time. This session I introduced that the villagers had figured out how to reliably produce the "Mesophase Alloy" result from the "Fuz-Craft L’il Accelerator Lab Kit" from Assault on the Sky High Tower. They wanted to know if they should use the materials for better weaponry or better armor and the players chose weapons. Before they left to explore the jungle there were given the first fruits of this choice, a dozen metal tipped arrows that dealt 1d6+1 damage.

I gave the players a glimpse of the "known world" (below) which looks weirdly like a chicken after Assault on the Sky High Tower and A Fallen Star for All.  They asked about the river to the south west of their settlement and decided to start exploring by going up river...

Moving into the next hex they found a weird area of dead vegetation surrounding a pit. Approaching the pit, the ambient radiation from the object within caused Brutis the Gorilla to literally melt out of his skin (as described by Jon himself, I can't even take credit). Sinclair was interested in finding out if he could get some more mutations however so he proceeded to climb down into the crater and unearth the glowing metal orb. Burning hot to the touch Sinclair was otherwise unaffected by the radiation even at short range (maybe his chitinous armor is fortified with lead?). The team decided to bring the orb back to their village by filling a large leather sack with dirt and burying the orb in the center, then dragging it behind them via some braided vine rope Tully made (gatherer background FTW). We'll see how that changes the village eventually!

Returning to the river they continued to follow it westward, going upstream from the swampy lake they had saved from radiation. Things were quiet until they stumbled into a pair of short rabbit-like mutants. Some of the group had seen one before but before any kind of diplomacy could be attempted one of the tibbar drained 3 HP from Cypher and set of a violent, and quick, combat. The group raided the simple weapons from the tibbar, and Thorn cut one of their feet off, while Sinclair claimed some ears to tie to his axe. Angered by the tibbar's aggression the group decided to try and track the tibbar back to their village. With plenty of hunters in the group tracking the tibbar was easy enough and the group set off accordingly, still tracking up-stream of the river.

After a couple of hours following the trail of the tibbar the group found a strange creature. It stood on two legs and waddled around each of them sniffing curiously. It finally settled on Agutter and adopted her as it's new master.

Several more hours of travel and trail following led the group to a small freshwater spring and a grove of trees sporting a strange oblong fruit in a very bright pink rind. Tully recognized the fruit as Bubble Yum fruit and the group set to gathering provisions from their find. They also noticed some of the rinds of these fruit, cast off and turned silver with age, by the pool and surmised that the tibber had clearly stopped here at some point.

Though the day was getting long the group pressed onward and after a couple hours stumbled into a large group of tibbar. The 9 rabbit mutants wasted no time in launching volleys of arrows and spears as the PCs fired back or charged into the fray. Thorn was felled in a brutal attack, but was saved at the last moment by Cypher with a medi-shot. Poor Weelton the barrel cactus was slain in the fight but in the end the characters were triumphant killing 8 of the tibbar but allowing one to escape.

Worried that the escapee might alert his people the group pressed onward and came to a lake in the hills. Looking across the lake they say a ruin of some kind and surmised that this was the home of these rascally rabbits. They pressed onward as the sun began to set and came to meet on the trail a group of plantients from the Atomic Equinox. With the light waning and their new plant allies the PCs set to making camp just a couple of miles from the ruins they had seen...

In Memoriam: 
  • Brutis the Gorilla Manimal - Liquefied by radiation
  • Weelton Littleprick the Cactus Plantient - Skewered by a spear

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