Wednesday, April 24, 2019

MCC - Purple Pit of the Mole Men (Area 1-7)

Area 1-7 Stairs

Cleverly hidden behind some easy to remove panels of the barricade that breaks up Area 1-2 is a doorway that the mole men use as entrance and egress. Characters can spot this if they specifically disassemble this portion of the barricade, or with a DC 10 Intelligence check.

You open the door into a chamber that was likely once bright white, but years of grime have rendered it a mottled grey. To the left there is a ladder to the ceiling and hatch. In front of you there is the start of a set of stairs down. 

If the reactor has been shut down there will be no lights in the complex and the stairs will be dark as the mole men can see in the dark. The stairs wind downward for nearly 100 feet and the area is usually under guard by a single mole man () who is armed with the usual weapons plus an artifact zapper glove (pg 175).

Mole Man:
Init: +2; Atk +1 Spear (1d7), +1 Zapper Glove (sp) or +1 Bow (1d6); Act: 1d20; AC: 13 (hides); HD: 3d10 (15); Mv: 20; SP Immune to Radiation; Sv. F +3, R +1, W +2
If the power is on the guard will not be alone and on low awareness, but if the power has been shut down he will go to the bottom of the stairs to gather the mole men from area 2-2 as reinforcements.

The hatch in the ceiling leads directly outside and is the way that the mole men typically enter and leave the complex, it is not locked, and may be a way to get some light into the stairs if the power is out.

Exits to:

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