Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Quick Hit Story Seeds #4

Image Source: http://werol.deviantart.com/art/Army-Dreamers-457454133
At first you were glad to finally leave the Cloudcrystal Skyfields.  The domain of the Giaians was verdant and a welcome change from the harsh and barren landscape you left behind.  But then you started to see strange things in the flora. 

Now as you approach a field of large flowering plants a shiver runs up your spine as they all turn, as one, toward you and your party the wide flowers looking so much like watching faces of an army of plants...


Taking your hand away from the wound to see how bad it is and treat it you begin to hear the sound of fine mechanisms at work.  Washing the blood from the wound and peering deep into the riven tissues you see, much to your shock, that deep within are fine machines at work; positronic motors, gears of micro and macroscopic size, even little pulleys and belts. 

Have you always been part machine, or has something changed recently?


Traveling across the plateau had taken three days, but finally your party has reached the northern edge.  Looking down from the crumbling edge you see below what appears to be a large town, previously unknown to the Steadfast.  At its heart a create circular hole bores deep into the earth.  Making camp for the evening, with plans to approach the town the next day you are surprised to see a bright purple glow emanating from the hole as the sun sets...