Monday, September 29, 2014

Story Seed - The Natron

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While traveling near the Sere Marica you come upon a strange site, a statue of a creature.  Only upon closer inspection is it clear that this is no statue but a creature turned to stone...

The Natron (lvl 6)
The Natron is a large creature that appears as a squat wide bodied mound covered with rocky scales.  Its gaping maw is filled with jagged teeth, but far more dangerous is its chemical vomit which can turn a victim to stone.

Health: 25 • Armor: 2

Damage: 6

Movement: Short

Modifications: Defense 5 due to size.

Combat:  Instead of attacking with a bite the Matron can, as often as once every other round, vomit a hot stream of concentrated minerals.  All targets in a cone area at immediate range will be affected.  The chemicals seep into the skin and through orifices (therefore fully sealed armor will negate this attack) and requires a level 6 Might defense.  If failed it will inflict 6 points of Speed damage and stun the target for 1 round during which time they may take no actions.  On a successful defense the target is stunned but does not take any Speed damage.  Characters reduced to 0 Speed by this attack are paralyzed and can only take mental actions thereafter.

Use:  The Natron is a predator and hunts for food.  It will retreat if faced with a target that does not fall easily.

Environment: On the southern shores of the Sere Marica

Loot:  Searching through the petrified remains of its prior meals will reveal 4d6 shins, 1d6+1 cyphers, and occasionally an artifact.  

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