Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Story Seed - Triangulation

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The pylon, a large crescent shape, jutted upward from the stone bedrock. A great grey semi-circle, it seemed empty to all who saw it, though none could explain why they felt that way.  The surface was textured without pattern or apparent purpose. Whatever hands, or other appendages, had formed the pylon had not deigned to sign it, or leave sign of any kind, and none that were aware of it could infer its function.  Its purpose was unknown and unknowable.


The Clock of the Kala

The pylon stood alone in the field.  A lone sentry guarding an empty pasture. It had stood there for countless years, and it would likely do so for years more.  The angled stone did not match the ground around it. It did not match the mountainous ring of the Clock, nor the deep bedrock below.  The pylon was an alien among the people of the Kala.

Alien and ignored.

None among them studied it. None among them drew it. Their children were told to not look at it.  The pylon was forbidden.


The Deep Deyong

The pylon stood on a dais carved from the fundamental bedrock below.  It stood raised in a deep bowl of carved stone, raised up and worshiped.  The pylon, a stabbing spire of sharp angles, and sweeping curves, was the basis of the religion of the people of Deyong. The pylon did nothing to garner this attention. It did not shelter the people. It did not defend the people. The pylon did not respond to or acknowledge their worship, their devotion, or their pleas for aid. The pylon was a god of indifference; a sign that humanity could rely on none but themselves.


The pylons silently weathered the years without change or action ...

... until one day they began to gather energy.

Summary - Across the Ninth World structures of unknown origin or intent awaken...