Thursday, September 25, 2014

Quick Hit Story Seeds

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Far beyond the Clock of the Kala at the center of the desolate wastes of the Upheaval, a temple is built.  Some say that the temple is a prison for a sentient singularity, and that it is the raving of this insane creature that has torn the land asunder and created the Upheaval.  Pilgrims seeking to learn mastery of gravity are said to make the difficulty journey there to risk the creature's ill temper for the reward of esoteries unknown by the rest of the world.

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The cave is suffocating with the sickly sweet cloying stench of death and rot.  Piles of putrefying  flesh dot the stone floor, many still mingled with clothing and equipment of the victims.  You choke on the odor and gag at the sight of the remains, wondering if you should go on, if the rumors of the treasure of cyphers and artifacts within could possibly be worth it.  Then you hear the sound.  A scraping and thumping as something heavy moves deep within the cave...

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Five miles off the shores of Ghan there lies a small island of rock and little else.  On that isle is a cave that is in no way natural. And in that cave, there is an orb of metal and energy.  The orb pulses at random, throwing out waves of gravity, time, and other common and less common powers.  It is said that the orb can alter reality at its fundamental level if one can interface with it.