Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Story Seed - The Book

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Arem laid the book down before the priest, but said nothing; instead he waited expectantly. The Aeon priest studied it for long moments, almost seeming ready to speak numerous times, but each time stopping short of saying anything at all.  She studied the book intently.  First observing the cover, the spine, the back, the edges of the pages.  Never did she open it. That would be presumptuous.

She finally broke the silence. "What have you brought? It seems an ordinary book. Old, though hardly exceptional for it."

Arem licked his lips. He forced his eagerness down and then said, "It's not ... it is not a book." He hurriedly continued before she could object, or strike him for a fool.  "It is a thing of the numenera. The pages are alive with data spirits.  Within this tome resides a digital creature connected to the datasphere."

"If you are true, then why part with something which is of such value; not only in monies but for its usefulness in retrieving the lost knowledge of the ancients?" the Priest's voice was heavily laden with skepticism.

"I am but one man. I could not protect this from those who would sieze it by force.  You have the entirety of the Order of Truth and the weight of the Amber Pope to help protect it," Arem said

He opened the book and there was a light pleasant tone. "Hello Arem.  Who is this new person?" the book asked, drawing a look of astonishment from the Aeon priest.

Summary - A long forgotten book that holds a digital intelligence is found.  What secrets does it know? What does it desire now that it is once more in the hands of mortals?