Friday, February 27, 2015

Story Seed - Arrival

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The forest was quiet. Tranquil. The wind, a light breeze, sighed through the trees, caressing leaves, a causing the branches to sway gently to nature's song. Bird songs called out, harmonizing with the rustles and sighs, while the buzzing and chirping of insects added a nigh constant background hum. Sunlight filtered through leaf and stem, arriving tinged with green before exploding into color as it hit blossoms and feathers. Even the browns of bark and loam seemed vibrant and alive.


Embedded deep in the peaceful forest twilight a structure stood apart from nature. A berm of stone, hewn with care, and laid with precision, each stone imbued and suffused with the fundamental energy of world. An intersection of ley lines ensured that the site was flush with power, and in tune with the very lifeblood of the world around it.

The peace shattered with a sound like thunder.

Atop the berm wide rings rose from the stone flanked by pillars that crackled and vibrated with energy. The entire structure thrummed with power until, within the rings, a light blossomed. Figures emerged from the light. First one, then in groups of two and three, they poured out onto the berm, overflowed into the forest like a tidal wave.

Orders were given; "Clear a space there." "Deep ground scans there, we need a well." "Erect the perimeter fence at a forty yard radius from here." The quiet of the forest gave way to the noise of machines, the thump of booted feet, the voices of men.

Man had arrived; the forest would never be the same.

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