Monday, February 23, 2015

Story Seed - Punishment

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"I demand to see my husband!" Millena yelled at the facilitator. She was on the brink of breakdown, and restraint and control were well beyond her at the moment.

"As I said before," the facilitator replied, his voice monotonously even, "he is no longer your husband. His punishment has been carried out."

"I don't care! Let me see him!" she was in tears now. How could this man be so cruel?

"Ms. Hallis-"

"MISSUS!" she cried, insisting her husband was not gone.

"-your husband was sentenced to personality suppression and community service. He is no more the man you married than I. You should go home, seeing him will not help you."

"I don't care," she sobbed, "I just ... I just want to see for myself."

The facilitator would have shrugged, but he too was a Null, little more than a robot controlling a human host. "As you wish," he said finally, and pressed a button to summon the Gragor Hallis Null.

A door opened shortly and the Null that had been Gragor Hallis walked in. Millena rushed to him, eyes wet with tears. She threw her arms around the Null but got no response. He impassively accepted the embrace but there was no recognition in his eyes, no effort made to return it. Millena looked up into emotionless eyes; eyes that did not contain her husband's soul. She flinched away, the facilitator has been right, this creature was not her husband, despite appearances.

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