Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Tools #3 - The Strange Custom Character Sheet

Anybody who has played The Strange knows that you can quickly rack up a significant number of pages of character sheet. Each recursion you visit results in a new sheet to "dock" onto your base sheet, and after visiting a half dozen or more recursions you have a rather thick sheaf of paper.

I don't have a solution to that problem ... just sayin'.

However I do have a fix to a more minor issue I have had. Every time I need to create a new recursion sheet I have to redact the abilities and bonuses from one of the prior sheets to arrive at my character's "core",  their descriptor and type only stats.  So I decided that I would try to make my own character sheet for The Strange that included space for "core" stats and also reclaim some of the space lost to the large Cypher box and such.

My sheet can be found here. It's three pages, 2 for the front & back of the "home" recursion (usually Earth) plus a Recursion sheet that can be folded and docked to the main sheet. It's meant for 8.5x11 paper and the weird offset of the main page accounts for the margin of the docking sheet.

Please let me know if you like this and find it useful. Or if you see ways I could improve upon it. I'm especially interested in hearing if the the font is OK. A poker chip compatible version will be dependent entirely on my ability to squeeze more space out of things to make room for the larger circles needed.

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