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MCC - Purple Pit of the Mole Men (Area 2-4)

Area 2-3 Reactor Chamber

This is the facility's reactor chamber, the source of the radiation flooding the lower levels, and the "throne room" for the mole men's queen. As an environmental hazard this room is exceedingly dangerous, requiring a DC 16 Fortitude save against 1d8 damage PER ROUND unless the reactor has been at least partially deactivated.

Once through the access chamber the door opens into a massive chamber. Nearly 150 feet across and rising and unknown distance upward (at least 100 feet based on the stairwell). This chamber consists of metal catwalks over a steaming lake of water tinged with shimmering bluish-purple light. The center of the camber is dominated by a massive purple crystal that glows from within with a sickly light (or a large empty area of open water surrounded by catwalks. The mole men here are the largest of those you have seen and the 6 warriors are instantly at guard and ready to strike down an enemy at the slightest provocation. A grossly obese or perhaps greatly pregnant mole-woman presides over the room from a throne of crates and cushions. She wields a strange artifact in one hand and wears a suit of form hugging shimmering metal cloth.

The guards are always at the ready and fiercely protective of their queen/matron. They have 15, 16, 29, 20, 8, and 26 HP. The queen is armed with a laser pistol and wears plasteel mesh. All of the mole people have the ability to regenerate 1 HP per round unless the reactor has been completely shut down, so adapted to the radiation they have become.

Mole Men:
Init: +2; Atk +1 Spear (1d7) or +1 Bow (1d6); Act: 1d20; AC: 13 (hides); HD: 3d10 (15); Mv: 20; SP Immune to Radiation; Sv. F +3, R +1, W +2
Mole Woman Queen-Matriarch
Init: +0; Atk +1 Laser Pistol (3d6, ranged, 1d20 charges) or +4 Mind Control (pg 75); Act: 1d20+1d16; AC: 15 (plasteel mesh); HD: 5d10 (30); Mv: 20; SP Immune to Radiation; Sv. F +4, R +0, W +4
The queen is willing to talk to visitors (they have proven themselves strong and worthy of domination) but will attempt to Mind Control them as soon as she is able. The Queen will use her 1d20 action die for mind control until she loses it after which she will use both action dice to attack with the laser piston until it runs out of ammo.

Aside from the Laser Pistol and Plasteel Mesh the only loot of note within the reactor chamber is the large purple crystal. Characters wishing to take a sample of the crystal are free to do so, and judges are free to decide how good, or bad, of an idea that is.

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