Friday, September 19, 2014

Story Seed - The Power Behind the Throne

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“What … what are they?” Kormon asked, taking a small, shuffling, step backward from the frame.  Within like some kind of perverse viewer glass, or a non-permeable portal to some other realm three figures writhed against a flexible barrier.  Naked flesh slid across the semi-opaque surface suggesting at one moment violence, at another longing, and at other times other more lewd intimations.

“I know not my prince.  I was not aware of this until your parents passed, and was made aware of it in their will, and even I have never laid eyes on it until today. Your guess is as good as mine.”  Steward Rothayld spoke quietly; secretly he was worried that the forms would hear him, though he could not say why he worried. “I only know that when you came of age you were to be brought to this room.  I would not have entered had you not bid me to do so.”

Kormon frowned, an unusual expression on the young man’s face. “And I should not have done so.  Leave now, and forget that you saw this.”  Rothayld bowed and retreated, leaving the boy-lord alone. Looking at the frame, and the figures within Kormon finally spoke, “What are your wishes my mistresses?”