Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Story Seed - Icebound

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Day 76:  The air grows colder every day.  One can hardly believe that it is possible.  Were it not for our numenera we would have been forced to turn back ten days ago. Our crew cannot go outside without protective efforts, the air will freeze flesh in moments otherwise.

The wall of ice continues to prevent an inhospitable shore.  Perhaps there truly is nothing south of the cold desert.

Day 81: There is something out there.  Last night the watchman saw a dim light reflecting in the ice, and with morning's light we have confirmed a structure and a shore unblocked by ice.

Day 82: The two jacks we sent to scout the structure have not returned.

Day 83: The glaive and nano that were sent out after the scouts have not returned, but a foglet of the datasphere informed us that they had reached the tower.

Day 84: The waters froze around the ship last night.  We have no choice but to seek help in the tower.  I am sending a copy of this journal back to Glavis with my last Deliverer.  May the ancestors have mercy on us.

the final entries of the journal of Toris Warkelo, Knower of the Redfleet ship, Zotasy