Thursday, September 18, 2014

Story Seed - Daemon Trap

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“Did you get it?” Vorcdan all but demanded.  He was shifting his weight from foot to foot, clearly anticipating delivery.

Shyrode sighed to herself thinking, The customer is always right, even when they are annoying. “Yes, I have it. It took some doing the digital daemons are not so easily caught, nor are they separatist, three others attacked after we contained this one. I lost two men.”

“You will be rewarded, and compensation for their deaths will be given.  Let me see it.” This time Vorcdan did demand, though it was phrased with a tinge of desperation.  He licked his lips and Shyrode saw that the little man was pale, and covered in a sheen of sweat.  Disgusting.

Out from Shyrode’s pack came a bottle that appeared to be glass, but was some kind of night unbreakable synth.  Scribed in gold about it were symbols of unknown origin or meaning.  Within a shimmering green mist filled every bit of available space, roiling in what could only be described as frustration.  “Here it is, one daemon. Though I do not know why you would want such a dangerous creature of the numenera.”

Vorcdan grabbed the bottle greedily, licking his lips again.  “Because, they will bargain for their freedom once trapped, and their currency is wishes …”