Monday, September 15, 2014

Story Seed - The Approach

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The girl with the red pack stood in the waves.  The water lapped at her feet. Her little brother's hand wriggled in her own like a fish, yearning to return to the sea.  The sea birds' cries mixed with the gentle crashing surf and the susurrus of the wind over sand to lend a peaceful air to it all.

The two looked out over the ocean; its waters reflecting the blue and white of the skies above. In the distance a vast mountain jutted from the water, a piece of land yearning toward the sky above.

It was closer today that it had been yesterday.  Yesterday it was closer than it had been the day prior.  Its pace was ponderous, the children could only just make out the change in size from day to day.

"Will it get here soon?" the little boy asked, looking up at his sister.

"Father says it will reach the shore in a few months," she replied.