Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Story Seed - Source of the Infection

Image Source: +Akin Adekile  (https://plus.google.com/107753552544179958164/posts/28tFL5Bqjd4)
excerpt from the journal of Kaxur Doj

We came upon the structure in the first hour of post-dawn.  All of us were surprised that we have not seen or heard it through the jungle the evening before.  A large structure standing astride one of the slowly running currents on massive curved legs it supported some kind of large opening at its crown; six sided and as long as the thing itself.  From below an orb spun over the water amid conduits that were more tube than pipe, but pulsed like a vein or sucker, drawing the nigh-stagnant water up and into the structure.

We could see no sign of discharge; whatever water was drawn in did not seem to exit the numenera. As we approached the nano complained of nausea and soon after collapsed, vomiting.  We sent him back to the camp with two of the glaives on a makeshift stretcher, while the rest of us continued to close on the discovery.

Two hours of searching revealed no obvious entrance other than the gaping six-sided maw above and we set to climbing up, emboldened by the promise of cyphers and artifacts within.

That great chamber contained panels of controls that none of us could understand, and pools of slivery liquid that defied gravity.  Two more of us began to vomit, feeling sudden vertigo, and even I was forced to admit that something was turning my stomach.

I awoke in camp and I could not recall anything more, how we exited the structure, or what if anything we found within apart from sickness.  Of the group I am now the only one, the others have perished of dehydration, being unable to hold even water.  I have dragged myself away from that infernal machine, and in doing so I hope I have saved myself.