Monday, September 15, 2014

Story Seed - The Find

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The chasm, lit dimly with a guttering low-grade glowglobe, narrowed as it descended.  After an hour the rough walls of cleaved stone gave way to a purposefully built tunnel, continuing to descend into the earth.  The sloping floor and crudely hewn tunnel was soon replaced with steps that were once polished, and walls that, despite the cracking weight of age, showed evidence of cunning craftsmanship.

The stairs themselves went on into darkness for ages. Sometimes their run was longer than a stride, and at others they became uncomfortably steep.  Ever downward they continued; occasionally switching back or turning this way or that.  The guttering of the glowglobe finally failed and for a time there was silence and darkness as I sat in my place pondering the value to continuing on with my very last glowglobe, or using the same to turn back and see the surface.

Soon though, my eyes detected a hint of light below, a faint brightness in the cloying darkness.  I stood, and with tentative steps, and my hand held firmly to the wall on my left, proceeded slowly downward.  I felt my way with my feet, testing each step before proceeding, until after some time the glow grew bright enough to make out the steps in their dimness.

Emboldened I continued on faster with each passing moment until I was very nearly running down these ancient steps until suddenly they gave way entirely to a broad overlook and a stunning vista of antiquated machinery and antediluvian structures.  I skidded to a halt, my hip bumping painfully into a crude rail.  Below the hum of machinery and the pervasive glow continued beyond my sight. I knew not what I had found, but I would surely find out soon.