Friday, September 19, 2014

Story Seed - What was lost is found

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I stepped out of the inapposite gate behind Will and Carolina.  Behind me the spiraling fractal stuttered, its purple light flashing as it did.  With a tearing sound the gate finally collapsed under the weight of its own impossibility leaving us in an empty stone courtyard.

Faintly I could hear the sound of running water and the cries of ocean birds. There was a stillness here however that spoke to abandonment.  The structures were covered in moss in places, the stone worn with age, though worn well and not crumbling.  The architecture was familiar seeming but unlike anything in my studies.  I turned to say as much to Will, but noticed that they had moved forward toward an arched opening covered with intricate glyphs.  "Wait!"

"Doc, you need to keep up. We can't stand around until we've assessed if this recursion is safe and stable."  Will came across gruffly, but I knew he was only being matter of fact. Carolina just rolled her eyes at me, making her opinion clear; the nerd squad shouldn't come on these first steps missions.

"No, really ... please, just wait one moment." I had my tablet out and was pulling open reference photos as quickly as I could, each confirming piecemeal what I was starting to suspect.  "The architecture, it's ... unique."

"That's nice doc, but we've got to secure this place."

"Against what? Just stop and look and listen. Nobody lives here, nobody has been here in thousands of years."  I trotted up next to him, squeezing between him and Lt. Glazier, sticking my tablet in their faces.  "These are photos of architecture from Persia, Egypt, Aztec and Maya sites in Central America.  All of these sites are four thousand years old or more. Now look over there." I pointed to a carved column, then an arch, a statue. "These all have similar qualities to these sites."

"So this is some old recursion from way back in the day, big deal" Carolina said dismissively.

"No.  I mean, yes, this recursion is likely old, but these sites on Earth didn't influence this recursion, I think it was the other way around. This architecture is the predicate."  They looked baffled.  "I think it came first.  I think this place is where those people and civilizations learned their techniques from."

I paused, not sure if I should really say it.  "I don't want to speculate wildly but this recursion could be ... I think this is Atlantis."