Sunday, September 14, 2014

Story Seed - The Sound of Water

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The first sound they heard was water.  Not quite the rush of a waterfall, but far more than a drip.  Strange musical sounds came next.  Gaorm and Jurx sat up.  They spent the next several minutes evaluating if they had any missing parts.  The teleport that had dumped them here was clearly faulty.

Thankfully nothing was missing.

Relieved they turned their attention to their location; a long, circular, steel hall terminating in a spherical room which they currently occupied.  Unsteadily they got to their feet and started down the hall.  The sphere was clearly a dumb receptor and could not return them, so no time was wasted probing its limited machinery.

Windows lined the tube, exposing a view from under the ocean. Creatures swam by, some of them appeared to be the source of the music.  The two exchanged a look.  Suddenly the sound of rushing water was for more disturbing.  Renewed urgency propelled them down to the tube.

The end opened to a large room. Windows enclosed the space, showing the underwater world beyond.  From above water was entering in a worrying volume.  Oddly the glass seemed intact; it was the structure containing it that was failing.  Red light illuminated the space.  Fallen panels and supports littered it.  Water flooded it, ankle deep and rising.

On either side from their tube doors, sealed now, led in opposite directions.  Gaorm and Jurx had two options; drown here, or find salvation through those doors.