Sunday, September 14, 2014

Story Seed - The Reality Seed

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"Doesn't look like much," Gary said, peering at the object.

Sarah rolled her eyes at the comment, but reluctantly she had to admit that here on Earth it was somewhat less impressive.  "Strange things almost always look less exciting on Earth," she replied, somewhat lamely.

"True enough I suppose, and I guess a reality seed doesn't have any kind of Earth equivalent to translate as."  Gary frowned, "Still, now I have to wonder how many geologists have bits of of the strange sitting on shelf, or gathering dust in some storeroom."

"Don't be a fool, it may look like a rock, but even people who aren't quickened would feel the ..." Sarah struggled for the words. "The strangeness of it."

Gary nodded in agreement, "You're right."  He opened the lock-box, exposing the foam lined interior. "OK, in it goes, the bosses will be pissed if something happens, so let's just get this to the facility and let it be somebody else's problem."

Sarah reached out and placed the seed into the foam, "You ever wonder what it would be like? Creating your own recursion? We could set up a paradise."

"No and no." Gary closed the box. "Don't even think it.  If the Director gets wind of it ... let's just say that there are recursions you don't want to visit."

"Come on..."

"No, seriously, think of the scariest wet-work guy you've met or heard about and then imagine what they could come up with if they wanted to get nasty."


"Yeah, seriously.  There's a reason why the OSR doesn't maintain a detention facility on-world."

Sarah shuddered at the thought.