Sunday, September 14, 2014

Story Seed - The Tale of Fong Li & Wei Fan

“Yes!” That was Billy’s voice, but my brain was telling me that his name was Wei Fan.

The translation hadn't gone smoothly, we’d made it through but only barely, and for the past few minutes the two of us had been incapacitated.  The effects were starting to wear off finally.  Faster for some of him it seemed. I sorted through my new memories that really weren't new.  My name was Fong Li.

“I frickin’ love kung-fu!” Billy again, clearly more excited about this than I was. That’s not what he actually said. It was more like, “I have great joy for the execution of kung-fu!”, but my brain wasn't entirely acclimated yet.

I sat up.  Actually I tried to sit up.  Fong Li was a large man.  I was a large man.  Fong Li, occasionally called the Jade Bulwark.  My gut was huge, and the new center of gravity was hard to get used to. I rolled to my side and pushed myself upright with a thick tattoo covered arm.  Not muscular; thick.  I closed my eyes and sighed.  Clearly being grossly obese had never hindered Fong Li, in fact his weight was central to his signature style of Kung Fu; Stampeding Elephant Style.

I opened my eyes again, trying to take it slow; the acclimation was not being kind.  That, or Fong Li was also hung over…


Looking up I see Wei Fan running a kata.  If I was a mountain of a man Fan was a river.  Willowy thin and nimble he moved fluidly and with great speed, befitting his own signature style of White River Kung Fu.  My stomach grumbled loudly and I grabbed a rice ball from a satchel at my considerable waist and a bottle of wine and saw to my needs.  As I did I contemplated the quest to retrieve the Jade Swan of General Jhao.

Summary - Two Estate operatives find themselves in a Wuxia inspired recursion while tracking down a powerful item.