Monday, September 15, 2014

Story Seed - The Storm

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Being different is hard. No matter how much you try people can sense it. For most people the datasphere was just another remnant of the prior worlds.

But I could hear it, and see it.

That set me apart, made me different.  It also made me smarter, gave me knowledge that hadn't been held by humanity in years longer than I could count.

In the far east, beyond the Black Riage, there had always been a glow.  A concentration of the data sprites, search engrams, and data gods.  I understood it was far beyond the Steadfast, and past where even the Beyond ceased to be the Beyond.

The light has grown brighter recently. It blots out the night sky in the east, and white washes the sunrise. But there is a darkness within the light.  Something within the datasphere is not right, maybe there is a war between the sentient programs, or perhaps something new has awoken.  I do not know.

And that scares me more than I can say.